Objectives of Pedagogy

  • Our priority is to createconscious,athletic personalities in our students and to develop their physical and mental healthat the same time.
  • We develop our student’s personality we help them to improve and increase their capabilities and talents to the optimal level, and to expand their education and to make them interested in self development. We would like to bring up Hungarian citizens, who are moral, honest, ethical, demanding with themselves and others, they have self-knowledge and they are able to behave well, they also love their country and respect and accept our values in our value system.
  • We help our students prepare for their chosen realistic life career.
  • We prepare our students to create positive relationships with other communities, and to develop their harmonic social relations, cooperation and social activity.
  • We prepare our learners for social life, while we create decidable situations for them where they can improve their self management abilities, interests, and they can handle the conflicts and at the same time they learn the basic rules of democracy.

Principles of Education

  • Every student should possess basic knowledge both in human and in real sciences.
  • In natural science there are special curriculums which are not taught under the age 16. Regarding the above we teach those modern results of natural sciences that shall appear in our everyday life and we teach them as much precise as their age needs this information to be a well informed XXI. Century intellectual man. Of course, we take into consideration, that they do not want to applythese scientific facts, they simply want to understand them.
  • Foreign language skills are essential for all athletes, hopefully our students can travel to sport events in Europe or to other countries around the world and maybe they can continue their carrier there. Therefore, it is necessary for our students to learn two foreign languages. The most important language is English, which is the official language of football and soccer.
  • Feeling and understanding the works of art are essential parts of quality life.
  • Our students have to know the modern IT, they have to learn the procedures of searching, processing and handling information. The basic level knowledge of information technology is essential.

Structure of Educational System

  • Our school is a 5 gradeGrammar School with firstyear language preparation class. .
  • We teach the national syllabus requirements at everygrade.
  • It is extremely important for us to teach foreign languages, so our students learn two foreign languages.
  • Our primary mission is to train our students for healthy lifestyle. They have trainings every single day in the morning as well as in the afternoon, PE classes and mass sport events.
  • As it is required in national educational law, our own syllabus provides the possibility to change schools as well as take over - if necessary with aptitude test or reiteration of school year– students from other schools.
  • As aprinciple in language preparation classes, we mainly teach languages and ITin 9th gradeand start to teach the usual grammar school subjects and curriculum from 10th grade.
  • In the last two years, students have the possibility to attend classes preparing for advanced final exams 4 hours a week.They also have chance to go to special vocationalpreparatory classes (for example to be a trainer, sports masseur, referee, sports manager)in this time period. According to the profile and image of our school, we recommend our students to take the advanced final exam in Physical Education (P.E.) but if there is an interest we providepreparatory lessons in Hungarian literature and grammar, History, Maths, English and IT, as well.
  • The local curriculum of the different subjectsis included in the second volume of our Pedagogy Programme.
  • We possess our own environmental and health promotion programme.

The scientific and methodologicalteam of Győri ETO FC and the restaurant operated by ETO Park focus on the nutrition culture of our students. The chef of the restaurant composes the menu every week according to the principles drawn by the science group.