Legal relations

The enrollment has no specific region limit.

  • The basic principal of enrollment is that th student should have official sporting contract with Győri ETO FC or other sport organizations in Győr. We require a recommendation and characterization of the nominee from the coach or youth director of the given sport organization. The final decision about the nominee’s enrolment is made by the Headmaster depending on the admission points, opinions formed of the student and whether the nominee meets admission requirements.
  • The Headmastermakes decision of taking over students from other schools after receiving the opinion of their class master.
  • We take the students sporting results, school marks and behaviour into consideration when they come from another secondary school.
  • After comparing previous syllabus, education material and course knowledge of newly arriving student, the director may require aptitude test.


Downloads of student hostel and grammar school pedagogy programme, organization and operational code are under „documents” menu.