In favour of educating and training the junior players inGyőri ETO FC the "ETO JÖVŐJÉÉRT Alapítvány" was formed in June 2006. The main objective of the Foundation was to build and maintain an educational institution. In the spirit of this mission, first of all, the FehérMiklós Football Student Hostel began its operation in Januray 2007.

Primal task of the dormitory is to create a steady basis, toprovide well-equipped accommodation in a modern environment that satisfies all needs for those talented football players whose family live far away from Győr. Fields of education and personal developmentget significant roles – it is especially important to help with the effective learning process of our sportsman students while paying particular attention to their special situation and problems as well.

Our aim is

  • to provide high-quality theoretical education as well, supporting practical, sport vocational trainings, and to help achieving credited, OKJ professional sport qualifications.
  • to become an etalon in the field of junior sportsmen training all through Hungary with our exemplary operation

 During the operation of the institute the demand to unify the students’ education and training besides providing them accommodation has risen several times. According to this,theFehérMiklós Grammar School and Dormitorystarted its operation as a second step, in September 2008. Our aim was to create such a working schedule in this institution, where the education is based on the National Educational Curriculum Framework for sport schools, thatcan fully adapt to the increased training timeof the sport students in the Club. 

  • We have created such a grammar school and such a hostel, where the talented athletes have the possibility to sport and improve in every field in ideal circumstances, paying great attention to their mental and personal development.
  • We doeverything possible to enable our students to meet both sporting expectationsand public education requirements.
  • Our objective is to provide harmony between our young students sporting and educational obligations at the same timeon highest level.
  • Our objective is to provide theoretical training together with the sporting practices to help our students receive “OKJ” professional sport qualification.


  • Our target is to teach more and more talentedgraduate students year by year, who can make their way successfully in several fieldsof life besides sport.
  • We would like to operate continuously as a high level reserves(?) basis of Hungarian football sport.
  • We would like to become an etalon in the field of junior sportsmen training all through Hungary with our exemplary operation.