Travelling to Portugal by private plane

2013.05.23 11:06

Géza Mészöly’s selected U17 has conquered the Italian age group with great, 5-2 performance at home, so the players could travel to Lisbon – where they will play against equally strong opponentsthis week - full of confidence. The first match will be played against the host team, while on Thursday the Czech, on Saturday the US age group will be our opponent. Géza Mészöly had selected 20 players for the trip, but only 17 footballers flew to Portugal on Monday. The other three players are going to join the team after their maturity exam on Tuesday, so the crew can’t count on them on the first match. Viktor Pongrácz, Zsolt Kalmár and Zoltán Farkas are going from the ETO team.

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