The founder: Győri ETO FC Kft.
Name of foundation: AZ ETO JÖVŐJÉÉRT Alapítvány
The foundation headquarters: 9027 Győr, Nagysándor József u. 31.
Registration number, date of reg.: 51089; 22.May 2006.
Warrant number and date of public benefit organization:
Pk.A.KH.60.075/2006/4.; 9. June 2006.

Objective of the foundation

  • support youth and minor sport and the reserves training of Győri ETO FC
  • support handicapped men sports
  • provide conditions of healthy lifestyle and leisure sports and support improvement
  • improve the conditions of minor athletes by operating a scholarship system
  • social support of indigent talented young sportsmen- coming from Hungary or from  other Hungarian speaking regions abroad
  • establishing, maintatining and operating a secondary educational institution and dormitory in order to support  youth players of Győri ETO FC. The institution shall provide optimal conditions for learning, spare time and  cultural activities  in harmony with the professional sport.

 Reach objectives of foundation the public benefit organization functions ( as stipulated in Hungarian Civil Code about public benefit organizations §26. of CLVI. year 1997) are the follows:

  • education and tuition, skill development, knowledge extension
  • cultural activities;
  • protection of minors and youth, representation of minors and youth;
  • sport, except for legal working contract for permanent or continuous sports playing activity;
  • health care, health prevention, healing and health rehabilitation activities,
  • rehabilitation trainings;

The activities of public benefit organization are available to anyone.

 Legal status of the Foundation: „AZ ETO JÖVŐJÉÉRT” Foundation is a public benefit organization, a legal incorporation.

Founder of the Foundation: Győri ETO FC Kft., represented by Mr. Tibor Klement managing director, he is entitled to use the right of the founder.  

Type of the Foundation: Public benefit organization – unless it is not provided otherwise in Hungarian Civil Code –anyone can connect to that unconditionally, if agrees with the objectives and code of conduct of the Foundation. When somebody supports or donates the Foundation, will not become a founder by his donation.  

 Management of the Foundation
Trustee and Chairman of the Foundation

  • the Board of Trustees
  • Between the Board meetings Chairman of the Board leads the Foundation with his follow-up reports.

Legal status of Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees have 4 members.

  • Members and Chairman of Board are assigned by the Founder for indefinite period of time.
  • Management system of Foundation is determined by the Board of Trustees according to the legal codes in force.
  • Board of Trustees are the decision making body and managing organization of Foundation.
  • Chairman of the Foundation represents the Foundation in  legal procedures and against any third party.
  • Members of the Board are:

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Lajos Tóth phd.
former player of  ETO

Members of the Board

Keglovich László
former Olympics championship player of ETO

dr. Drucskó Zoltán
representative of founder

Palotai Károly
former Olympics championship player of ETO

Supervisory Board are control panel the Foundation, their tasks are to control the management of the Foundation. Chairman and members of Supervisory Board are assigned by the founder. 

Supervisory Board members

Chairman of Supervisory Board


dr. Lipovits Szilárd
Győr város jegyzője

Members of Supervisory Board


Lőre Péter
Audi Motor Hungária Kft.


Mics Kormél
Audi Motor Hungária Kft.


dr. Vadász Gyula


Havas Máté